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Sept. 13, 2012



Domino Theatre Presents The Mousetrap

Seven people are trapped by a snowstorm at Monkswell Manor, a newly-opened guest house not far from London, when Detective Sergeant Trotter skis in to warn them that they are in serious and imminent danger. There had been a murder in London the day before, and a note left at the scene named Monkswell Manor as the location of the next intended crime. Who is the murderer, and who the intended victim? Will the police solve the puzzle before the next crime is committed?

The Mousetrap is directed by Roslyn Schwartz. Genevieve Landis and Jason Bowen play Mollie & Giles Ralston, the recently-married couple who run Monkswell Manor. Their guests include Brent Neely as Christopher Wren; Mary Barclay as Mrs. Boyle; Andrew Scallion as Major Metcalf; Robin deKleine-Stimpson as Miss Casewell; and John Corrigan as Mr. Paravicini. Matt Salton plays Detective Sergeant Trotter.

The Mousetrap is the longest-running play in modern theatre history, having run continuously in London since 1952, with over 24,500 performances so far.

It is also the longest-running play in Canadian theatre history, having been performed more than 9,000 times at the Toronto Truck Theatre from 1977 to 2004. Now, for the first time, to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, it will be performed in 60 theatres across Britain, and a further 60 productions will be held around the world. This record-setting play is a fitting choice for Domino Theatre's 60th anniversary season, as its premiere in October 1952 took place in the same month in which the first meeting leading to Domino's founding was held.

For information contact Michael Catlin at 613-547-5859 or mike.catlin@sympatico.ca.

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